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Mystic Moon Celtic Faire

We are a proudly female-led, true small business  A little place where you’ll discover a huge selection of metaphysical, wiccan, and Celtic fantasy goods. We feature genuine pieces that our staff hand selects during visits to the UK, Europe, and artisans throughout the U.S.  Mystic Moon Celtic Faire allows you to bring a piece of your favorite unique treasures home from your Great Smoky Mountains visit.    You've got to see our selection!   "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings", "Dungeons & Dragons", "Princess Bride", "Bones Coffee" are also featured items.  We carry Crystals, Tarot cards, Runes, Pendulums, Zodiac, Wiccan items, Sage, Female-empowering items, LGBTQIA+ items, unique clothing and jewelry, and other metaphysical items.  We  also have a ton of unique DND dice--Premium dice created by players. 

Visit us and see why the locals shop here and why the tourists

we love come back year after year. 

Mystic Moon Celtic Faire, in Gatlinburg, is a locally owned, mom-and-pop shop operating on Gatlinburg’s main parkway in The Marketplace.  Just look for LIDS and the Carmelcorn shoppe--we're right behind them!  It is our aim to provide our visitors with the best metaphysical and Celtic Fantasy gifts including jewelry, fantasy items, food & drinks, clothing, Claddagh rings, trinity knots, fragrances, crystals, tarot cards, wiccan/pagan items and family crest items.  We pride ourselves on listening to our guests’ requests and carrying the items they love. If we don’t have the item you want and it can be found somewhere, we’ll get it for you.  We have an extensive range of traditional and modern Celtic fantasy and metaphysical items. The majority of our products are authentic--this means they are designed, packaged, and shipped to us from Celtic lands. Our items are priced affordably with all budgets in mind without sacrificing quality.  

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