Today is National Love Your Red Hair Day

The holiday, established by sisters Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti is a celebration of all of the benefits of having the most rare hair color of all. Call us "Carrot Tops", "Gingers", or whatever you may, today we celebrate! Did you know that 10% of all Irish have red hair, but only 2% of the world's population have it? We also have our own King and Queen, who are crowned annually at the Irish Redhead Convention. Due to a lack of sunlight in Ireland and Scotland, we redheads genetically adapted to absorb more Vitamin D from the sunlight. And finally, we have quite a few famous people among our ranks. Most notably, Galileo, Sir Winston Churchill, Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore, Olympic Gold Medal winner Shaun White, Actor and Award Winning Directory Ron (Opi Taylor / Richie Cunningham) Howard, and the newly wed shown below, Prince Harry. As you can see, we redheads may be a minor part of the world's population, but we excel!!

How can you deny the beauty that is red hair?


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