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Beard Rings Set

Beard Rings Set


Essential regalia for the well appointed mute and pagan mourner. These beard/hair beads come as a set of three -

Janus’ Skull; Looking both backwards to the past and forwards into the future, the Roman god Janus determines beginnings and endings, including war and peace.

Coffin; A nailed-down coffin, bearing the Medieval knight’s cross is the vessel to carry you safely through from this life into the next.

Alchemist’s Skull; The skull of the immortal warrior, magi and philosopher, as a talisman to help get through life’s trials.


Weight & Dimensions (approx.):

Width 0.47" x Height 0.67" x Depth 0.31"


One Size

Fine English Pewter, Lightly Antiqued

SKU: aeabr1oo
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