Crystal & Essential Oil Perfume

Crystal & Essential Oil Perfume


Small batch artisan made Roller Ball Perfumes.  A full sensory aromatherapy experience. Not just an essential oil, but something more. Something magical, infused with crystal energy and created with intention.  8.5mL bottle packaged in a box.

  • CLARITY  Clear the cobwebs from your mind and refresh your thoughts with clarity. This sweet spearmint blend is grounded with woodsy rosemary and rounded out with fresh lime.
  • COMFORT  Comfort is like a warm loving embrace. It both uplifts the spirit and grounds the soul. It helps us feel secure, confident, and ready to radiate a positive energy into the world.  blood orange and Himalayan cedar essential oils.
  • GROUNDING  Get your head out of the clouds and plant your feet firmly in the earth. This woodsy blend of patchouli, cedar and rosemary is rounded out with a touch of lavender and mysterious frankincense
  • NEW MOON  Bring that sense of anticipation and wonder from a new moon into your everyday life. New moon is an intriguing blend of lavender, frankincense and clary sage.
  • PEACE  Bring a sense of peace, calm and femininity to your day. Peace is an intoxicating blend of lavender, lemon and geranium rose.
  • POSITIVITY  Visualize warm spring breezes, fresh citrus and sunshine. This citrusy blend of lemon, orange and lemongrass is rounded out with a touch of rosemary and peppermint.



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