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Harry Potter Teas

Harry Potter Teas


2 oz loose teas, packaged in resealable packet.  A best seller, these are delicious and perfect for any Harry Potter Fan!

  • HOGWART'S EXPRESS: An herbal blend that is edible! Pineapple pieces, mango bits, date pieces, hibiscus, safflowers, rose hips, and marigolds are infused with passion fruit and mango flavors. Tangy and sweet! CAFFEINE FREE
  • HOUSE ELF BLEND: Sweet and Tangy. Cherry, elderberry, rose hips, hibiscus, cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry. This tea is an alluring ruby-red color and is filled with bursts of tart and sweet flavors! CAFFEINE FREE
  • WEASLEY IS OUR KING: A fruity blend with mix of pineapple bits, apricot, peach, papaya, cranberry, mango, and hibiscus all infused with the flavor of passionfruit. CAFFEINE FREE
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