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Herkimer Diamond Bling Ring

Herkimer Diamond Bling Ring

$65.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

Herkimer Diamonds are a girl’s and her purse’s best friend! They have recently gained in popularity. They are a favorite for baby boomers and millennials because of their natural diamond shape, bright sparkle, and connection to the Earth.  They give more bling for the buck value. Herkimer Diamonds are a very clear, high-quality double-terminated quartz crystal formed by mother nature near Herkimer County, Upstate New York.  They are called Herkimer Diamonds because of their natural diamond-like shape and unusually high luster.  Also, as Diamonds are the hardest gemstone, Herkimer Diamonds are the hardest quartz found.  Their high spirit energy emanates pure light.

We created this stylish setting to show off the power, glory, and bling of our Herkimer Diamonds while keeping them secure.

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