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Intention Crystal Sets

Intention Crystal Sets


Learn how to create a relaxing session with crystals from tips on the back of the box.

MEDITATION: Includes:6 personal-sized stones:-rose quartz (radiates calmness + self-love)-fluorite (provides clarity + emotional well-being)-blue calcite (recalls insights + activates all chakras)-yellow jade (aids in dream interpretation + harmony)-sandstone (brings forth creativity + eases mental distractions)-carnelian (awakens talents + feelings of connectedness)1 natural wand:-selenite (increases awareness + flexibility)

HEALING: Includes: 12 pocket-sized stones:-clear quartz-rose quartz-lepidolite-amethyst-green aventurine-sodalite-yellow jade-orange calcite-carnelian-dalmatian jasper-tiger eye-black obsidian

GROUNDING: Includes: 7 pocket-sized rough crystals:– moss agate– desert jasper– red tiger eye– gray agate– picture jasper– black tourmaline– clear quartz point

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