Magickal Herbs

Magickal Herbs


Specialty herbs for use in spells and rituals.  Each is individually packaged and labeled with its name and magickal properties.  Approximately 1/2 oz bags.  Use herbs in sachets & bottle spells or burn them as incense on charcoal disks.


Angelica Root - protection, healing, temperance


Basil - money & riches, protection, love


Bergamont - Money, Prosperity


Cedar - Healing, Purification, Money, Protection


Chamomile Flowers - healing, prosperity


Flax Seed - money, protection, psychic powers, healing


Hawthorn - Protection, Success in working matters, Purity


Jasmine - Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams


Lavender - Love, Protection and Purification


Lemongrass - Psychic Awareness, Purification, Lust


Marigold - Love, Clairvoyance


Mugwort - protection, divination, clairvoyance


Parsley - Lust, Protection, Purification


Patchouli - Money, Fertility, Lust


Peppermint Leaf - purification, healing sleep, love, prosperity


Rosebuds & Petals - ultimate love, protection


Rosemary Leaf - contentment, love, protection, clear thinking, money


Sea Salt - cleansing, casting circles, purification, grounding, protection


Spearmint - Healing and some Love wishes


White Sage - Healing, Purifying



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