Mens Aran Sleeveless Cardigan Sweater

Mens Aran Sleeveless Cardigan Sweater

  • 100% Merino Wool
    Merino wool is not only luxurious but practical. While its fine fiber diameter pampers your skin with softness, its ability to trap dead air and wick away moisture allows it to provide excellent insulation from the cold and keep your comfortably dry.

  • Great Color Options
    his sleeveless cardigan comes in a great selection of colors that can complement both formal and casual looks. 

  • Button Detail
    Brown football buttons fastening the front add some traditional Irish style that contrasts wonderfully in color and texture with the Merino wool. These buttons also allow the cardigan to be worn open or closed.

  • Front Pockets
    Useful front pockets are perfect for warming the hands outside on a chilly day or for holding your car keys. The pockets also bring stylish symmetry to the cardigan.

  • Sleeveless Design
    Making this cardigan a true fashion standout is its unique sleeveless design that allows it to be versatile enough to dress up casual looks and tone down stuffy, formal looks. It’s also great for providing extra warmth and showing off a fun layered look.