Merino Wool Throws

Merino Wool Throws

  • 100% Merino Wool
    This throw is made of pure Merino wool, which is a luxurious upgrade from regular wool. Because of its smaller fiber diameter, Merino wool is not itchy like other types of wool but is actually luxuriously soft and smoother. It is also strong and resilient for lasting durability and wicks away moisture for breathability.

  • Aran Stitching
    Beautiful Aran stitching infuses this throw with a touch of Irish culture.

  • Perfect for Home
    This blanket is large and insulating enough to throw on a bed at your home or to cuddle up with on a family room sofa by a fireplace or in front of a good movie on a chilly night. Because it is moisture-wicking, it stays breathable and dry, which is great for sharing with someone!

  • Good for Travel
    This blanket can easily be rolled up and stored in a bag, giving it portability that is perfect for travel. Because the throw’s Merino wool is strong and elastic and manages moisture effectively, the throw can endure pulling and stretching during use and minimize odor build up.


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