Room and Linen Sprays

Room and Linen Sprays


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Folklore room sprays are all about evocative storytelling through scent— inspired by literature, folklore, and history. For us, crafting scents are about bringing to life the feelings that help immerse us in our stories and our history. It's about capturing the whisper of autumn leaves, the crackle of fire, the dark sentinels of a forest edge. We can hope to evoke a little of the magic of these places and times in our classic black spray bottles.

Small-batch room & linen spray hand-crafted in our studio with a base of hand-blended bespoke fragrances. 2oz matte black bottles. Spray around your room or onto linens to refresh your space, onto clothing (a great alternative to our perfume oil if you have skin sensitivity), and our personal favorite: onto a cloth shower curtain.

  • HOLLOWAY:  An ancient footpath sunk into the earth, thickets of raspberry, mossy stones, and fallen ripe pears.
  • FABLE:  A woodland cottage: on the window sill, crisp maple pecan pastries, baked apple, and a splash of warm milk.
  • APOTHECARY:  Neat wooden drawers and glass bottles, dusty sunlight, and in the window, bundles of drying herbs.
  • HEDGE-WITCH:  Wild-woman, cunning-woman, healer, wise-one, shaman, hægtessa, crone; ripe black fig, sun-warmed cedar, and garden-earth.
  • STORY-TELLER:  Sparks from fire and memory: rising woodsmoke in the dark, charred cedar, and glowing amber.




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