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Smudge Candles

Smudge Candles


Scented Candle 4″ with Herbs and Crystal Stones

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony that involves burning white sage in a manner that fills the home with the fragrance of the smoke. It is used to clear negative energy from people, places, or even objects and can be done as often as needed. People with allergies, sensitivity to the smoke or shared public environments like apartments and offices make burning sage hard to do. Our Smudge candles are intended to replace negativity with Love, Light, Positive Energy and Fragrance.

Candle wax made of Soy wax and they burn cleaner, hold onto scents better, and have longer burn time than paraffin wax candles.

Made in India 

Size: 2.3 ounces per candle

Burn Time: 12 hrs 

  • evil eye: Fragrance: Enchanted Elixir Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • golden moons: Fragrance: Calm Skies Stone: Aventurine
  • hamsa hand: Fragrance: Sweet Delight Stone: Rose Quartz
  • moon stages: Fragrance: Celestial Glow Stone: Citrine
  • pentacle: Fragrance: Citrus Zen Stone: Quartz
  • tree of life: Fragrance: Rose Paradise Stone: Red Jasper


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