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Crystal infused Tea Lights

Crystal infused Tea Lights


Artisan made, inufsed with crystals a other dressings.  Each candle has a 6-7 hour burn time.

  • Cottagecore: This set is dressed with moss agate, green aventurine, unakite & prehnite crystals, with nettle and mugwort herbs. Each is adorned with a bronze mushroom, bird skull, dragonfly or bee charm, and they're lightly scented with a blend of apple, jasmine and honey. 
  • Green Witch: This set is dressed with a blend of peridot, apatite, amethyst, pink opal, labradorite and moss agate crystals, with nettle and lemon verbena herbs. Each candle is adorned with a mushroom, tree, frog or pentacle charm and they're lightly scented with birch, white tea & sage.
  • Hecate: Each candle is adorned with charms associated with Hecate: snake, keys and pentacle, and they're lightly scented with dragon's blood, amyris, red currants, honey & figs.
  • Moonchild: This set is dressed with quartz points, amethyst, lavender & damiana. Each candle is adorned with silver moon & star charms and is lightly scented with a blend of raspberry, jasmine and citrus.
  • Spell: Each of the tealights in this set has been created with a specific intention. Each herb & crystal has been chosen for its association with each intention.Cleansing - quartz points, damiana, lavender and sage. Scented with lavender & sage.Protection - black tourmaline, yarrow, rosemary and sage. Scented with dragon's blood.Divination - amethyst, yarrow and holy basil. Scented with yarrow, amber & currants.Love - garnet, hibiscus, rose hips and raspberry leaf. Scented with jasmine & raspberry.
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