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Dice, Dragons, and Dwarves Book

Dice, Dragons, and Dwarves Book


Beautifully-illustrated alphabet book about D&D, and all the other letters from A to Z. Get ready for an experience-generating quest through the alphabet with "Dice, Dragons, and Dwarves: The ABCs of Adventure!" This magical, whimsical journey is packed with lively rhymes and enchanting illustrations that will captivate young readers and their caregivers alike. It may even score points with your favorite dungeon master. From the moment you begin this delightful Classic Board Book edition, you'll be magicked away into a world where every letter comes to life with its own unique charm and personality. No need for a high initiative: each page introduces a colorful character from the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, accompanied by a unique animal companion.

SKU: 1631
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