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Rabescadel Bracelet

Rabescadel Bracelet


German for 'raven's skull'; the great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of foretelling death.

A conspiracy of ravens will always be seen feeding at a well-stocked gibbet.

A large, authentically detailed raven's skull, in polished pewter and set upon an adjustable, black leather, ½" (1.3cm) wide, wrist strap, fastened by a fixed button at one end and a Velcro'd loop at the back.

See complementary  Ring (R201), Choker (P736) and Buckle ( B100).

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 3.86" x Height 1.1" x Depth 0.91"

Laid out flat - 10" - max wrist 8.5" diameter


One Size, Adjustable


Genuine Leather with Fine English Pewter

SKU: aea105oo
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