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Wheel of Year Prints

Wheel of Year Prints


YinYang: Prints of my original watercolor painting: an illustration of the Taoist concept of Yin & Yang, as reflected in the cycles of the moon and seasons. In Taoist cosmology, Yang is the solar principle, and Yin the lunar—and the Yin-Yang symbol represents the state of balance and harmony brought about by the endless, cyclical transformation of Yang into Yin, Yin into Yang, and back again, ad infinitum.Printed premium matte cardstock paper. 12.5 x 12.5 inches.


Pagan Calendar: The Wheel of the Year is a perpetual, cyclical, seasonal calendar for pagans, witches, astrologers, and anyone cultivating deeper intimacy with the cycles of nature and with ancestral ways of life.This calendar marks the eight seasonal festivals of the solar year, which have been celebrated in some form by Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon pagan folk since ancient times.This Wheel was hand-painted in Western Massachusetts.12.5 x 12.5 inches

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